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Berkshire East offers Seasonal Locker Rentals on the lower level of the Main Lodge.

Seasonal Locker Rentals are $225 plus tax and a $5 lock fee.

Main Locker Room - Has outside access to the upper parking lot.  This locker room has 4 benches.

Hallway - Outside access to the upper parking lot. This area is in the hallway between the Main Locker Room and the Tuning Shop.  There are no benches in this area.

Rental Shop Locker Room - Outside access to the walkway from the Main Parking Lot. Outside access is closest to the lifts.  The entrance is near the Rental Shop.  The outside access door is typically locked on days the mountain is closed so you will need to walk around from another door.  This area has no benches.

Winter locker rentals are available from December 1st through May 1st.