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Fort Hill is full on! With the highest difficulty designation of Pro Line, it consists of a series of MANDATORY GAPS, MANDATORY DROPS, and LARGE WOODEN FEATURES. This trail is designed to be a high speed jump trail for the highest level of rider. We are opening the top section of the trail while we continue to build out the rest of the features. As we continue to build the trail, we will continue to open up features. Stay Tuned!

Fort Hill is for the highest level rider. Failure to ride this trail properly may result in serious injury or even death. Ride at your own risk. 

  • ALWAYS INSPECT the trail before riding it! Fort Hill parallels Thunder ski trail, so take a walk and visually inspect first.
  • PROGRESS through trails. Start on easier trails, and always make sure you feel comfortable and confident before moving to bigger features and trails. For example: Gronk > Hawleywood > Fort Hill
  • RIDE SMART – Ride Fort Hill for yourself, not for others. If you are tired or aren’t feeling on your game, wait.  
  • BAIL when needed. You can always leave the trail and walk back up or continue down an alternate route. 
  • CONDITIONS CHANGE – Be aware of changing conditions, such as wind or rain. Don’t ride when wet or windy! 

For the right rider, Fort Hill provides some of the most progressive freeriding on the planet. The siege is on!