Base Area Tour 

Base tour opens June 21, 2014

Not sure if zipping is for you? Uncertain if you want to tempt fate? Nervous of heights? The Base Area Tour is where you test yourself out. The Base Area Tour is located in front of the Main Lodge, consists of three elevated platforms, connected by two sets of dual racing cables, 380' and 570' feet long.  This course provides a perfect introduction to zipping for those of you who may not be sold on heights, zipping, how your kids will react, price, or time. 


The Base Tour is a great experience for large groups. Some need a quick turnaround and the Base Tour provides four zips at a low price in a short amount of time. Check us out!


For everybody else, we recommend the Mountain Top or Valley Jump Tours.


The Base Area Tour can take up to 1 hour to complete depending upon the number of participants.  The tour begins with a short walk from the base lodge to the first platform and is at the bottom of our mountain. Participants must be at least 8 years old and weigh between 70 and 275 pounds.


Base Tour 

Base tour opens June 21, 2014

Youth      Adult        Senior     Military    
Age 8-16  Age 17+    Age 65+    With ID*   
 $20  $30  $20  $20



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