Last day for tubing - Sunday March 9, 2014!

Tubing at Berkshire East



Ticket Prices

12 and up $20

Under 12 $15


Tickets are good for a 2 hour time slot. 

Tickets go on sale 15 minutes in advance.                                                                                                                                                                                 

Time Slots are as follows:

10:00am -  12:00pm

12:00pm -  2:00pm

 2:00pm -   4:00pm


Hours:  Last Day for tubing this season is Sunday, March 9, 2014.


Please Read these tubing FAQ's for more information.


Can anybody use the tubing park? 

No, there is a minimum height requirement of 42 inches. In addition, riders must be able to get in and out of a tube comfortably, as well be able to pull or carry their own tube while walking on snow.  Parents can reserve a space at our Children's Center for children too young to tube. 


Do I  bring my own tube? 

No. Tubes are included in the price of the park ticket.


Is lap riding allowed? 

No, for safety reasons, there is a limit of one person per tube.


Can I hold on to another tube and ride to the bottom together?

No, in the interest of safety, the tubing lanes are designed for one tube at a time.


How long is the tubing park?

The tubing lanes are 450 feet long. There are 3 separate lanes, which begin on an elevated ramp. The gentle slope propels the tube down the mountain and riders are brought to a stop on an uphill ramp at the end of the lane. 


How do I get back up to the top of the hill?  The tubing park has a moving ground lift that transports both the snow tube and the rider back to the top of the slope.


Where do I park? 

Tubers should park in the lower parking lot, just below the West Lodge. This lot is a short walk to the lodge and tubing facility. 


When and how do I check-in?

Tubers should plan to arrive at least 15 minutes before their 2 hour time block in order to get their tickets and sign our tubing waiver.  Tubing waivers can be printed down and completed ahead of time by clicking here:  Snow Tubing Waiver.doc.  You must be age 18 or over to sign our snow tubing waiver, (minors must have a  parent or guardian sign for you).   Please use a seperate waiver for each person tubing.