Thunder Mountain Bike Park will be DELAYING OPENING DAY until July 2nd due to weather. It breaks our heart to make this decision. Potential heavy rain and localized flooding is forecasted and would cause damage to our new trails. We’ll wait a day and then all ride them in right! Plus, we can’t run the lift in thunderstorms anyway. We certainly appreciate that many have made plans to join us Wednesday.

New Photos

We will be taking new photos for everyone this fall. Avoid the rush and stop in prior to opening day to have your photo taken and pick up your pass.

2013 Photo Days: Nov 16, 17, 23, & Dec 7 (hours 9am - 2pm).

Please call ahead for other times or to make special arrangements.

Season Passes

  • Adult
  • $519
  • Student (13-18 or with College ID)
  • $489
  • Junior/Senior (6-12 or 65+)
  • $389
  • Tot Photo Pass(5 and under)
  • $50
  • Single Locker
  • $200

Family Special

  • Family Student
  • $429
  • Family Junior
  • $349

For every Adult Pass purchased you can buy one Family Special Student or one Family Special Junior Pass. Limit one Family Special Pass per Adult Pass. Must be immediate family members. Family Special Rates are not valid with the purchase of a Senior Pass.